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Sarah is staying in England with her friend Amelia Jane as an exchange student. She is not too happy to find out that the standard punishment for outlandish behavior is spanking. Amelia s guardian finds a note from school that the two were trying to hide about some trouble they had gotten into. Paul wakes these brats at dawn to give them a bare bottom spanking and a good old fashioned slippering British style. Sarah and her girlfriend Chelsea are on vacation in Vegas. Sarah is enjoying a bath when Chelsea asks her to start getting ready so they can go out. When Chelsea comes back, Sarah is still taking her grand old time in the bath. Chelsea is very unhappy about this and pulls Sarah out and gives her a hard spanking on her bare wet bottom for being so selfish. Sarah s big sister, Lily, is left in charge of taking care of Sarah while mom is out of town. Sarah thinks that taking care of her means dropping everything and doing what she needs. Well, Sarah wants pizza and Lily is on the phone with her boss. Sarah doesn t care, hangs up the phone, and demands her sister.. take care of her by making her dinner. Well Lily takes care of her alright with a hard spanking and paddling. Kyle s Girlfriend Sarah decides to dress in slutty lingerie when Kyle s friends are coming over, to show off her goods in front of them! Kyle asks her politely multiple times to get dressed, and she refuses and throws a tantrum. Kyle finally has enough and decides to take his beautiful bratty girlfriend over his knee for a long hard spanking over her sheer lingerie before pulling the bottoms down for a long hard BARE bottom spanking! It s pledge week and Leila is a freshman. Unfortunately she is the only one who is caught by the police streaking through campus during pledge week. Daddy is not to happy to get called in on this one. He drives her home naked with only a towel and tells her she won t want be running around naked anymore when he is done turning her bottom a bright shade of red. At an away game, coach catches the girls on his tennis team in the hotel drinking. He threatens to call their parents and told them they have to forfeit the game. The girls grudgingly agree to be spanked so he won t tell their parents. All 5 girls are spanked on their bare bottoms otk and bent over. Shay, Chrisy, and Casey are all given the paddle as well. Amelia Jane has been cast as the leading role, Kate, in her school s musical production of Kiss Me Kate. Her boyfriend, John, is playing opposite of her in the show, He keeps threatening her that on opening night he is going to give her a REAL spanking in the scene where she gets spanked. Amelia is so nervous, She asks her roommate Sarah what it will be like and Sarah offers to show her. Amelia didn t know what she was in for, and that was a very sore red spanked bottom. I think she will be ready for opening night now. Sarah is very upset to find her girlfriend Chloe in the tub with a wet cell phone. Sarah pulls this careless girl out of the tub and spanks her on her wet bare bottom long and hard for dropping Sarah s new cell phone in the tub. What a naughty girl. Dani Hunt, a beautiful British spanking model is staying with Sarah Gregory. Sarah allows Dani to stay in her room, but Dani doesn t seem to respect the space. Sarah finds it a complete mess. Her suitcase has exploded and there are spanking implements and clothing all over the floor. Sarah decides to use some of the implements to teach Dani a lesson in being a respectful house guest. Sarah and Kat are having a slumber party and their parents tell them they have to invite Kisa, the most unpopular girl in school. So, they cope with the situation by being very very mean to her when she arrives. They hide her phone, make fun of her, and even scare her. Kisa has plans for her own revenge on these two mean girls and it involves two very sore, red bottoms. It s bedtime and Sarah has to be told by daddy 3 times that she needs to go to sleep. After the third time of disobeying her, he has had enough. He spanks her baby girl over her romper and then wedgies her to spank her bare bottom. This is a super cute age-play video with Sarah and her Daddy!

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whipping her cunt

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whipping her cunt

Adriana had been working outside, as part of her punishment for stealing from her room mate. She however felt that she was above manual labor, since she had come from a rich family. The headmistress wasnt a particular fan of this thought process. She then brought her into our punishment chamber, and had her tied up from above. Her back is completely exposed to the savage flogging. The red marks color is once milky colored skin, marking her as one of the punished.

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Blonde in orange HitmyBum : Spanking Videos

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